Old photo of employees

Fab 5 Security & Protective Service was founded by Bryan Riley in 2011. In 2010 Bryan started doing security as a bouncer in clubs, weddings, parties and teen venues. Early 2011 Bryan started getting real serious about doing security and chose to pursue a career in law enforcement where he started working with off-duty certified law enforcement officers all over the city of Omaha then it became all over the State of Nebraska making a big name for himself. Bryan had a vision to take things to another level and he knew he had what it took to take all his skills he’d learned with off-duty certified law enforcement officers and as a bouncer to make some major things happen, so he prayed, then took a leap of faith.

Weeks went by and an old friend who was also interested in law enforcement reached out to Bryan named Datrell Morgan who was in charge of a program called the UNO Cadet Academy for college students attending the University of Nebraska-Omaha who were interested in law enforcement. Bryan then set his sight on the next step and enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Omaha to be a part of the program.

In the UNO Cadet Academy program Bryan met a lot of students who were physically and mentally ready for law enforcement but there were only 2 guys in the group of 10 that really stuck out to him their names were J. Petersen, and D. Miller. After speaking with those two individuals Bryan put the skills to the test, let’s just say from that point on the 4 of them started doing some major things around the state, from dealing with high risk gangs to recovering firearms found nearby sites but Bryan didn’t stop there he ran across a guy working as a bouncer in a hostile gang party. Bryan immediately seen this guy had potential and talent that was going to waste, so Bryan goes to approach him and this guy beats Bryan to the punch by asking him was he police officer, Bryan responded No just security but I get that a lot, the guy goes on by saying that he was trying to get serious in the field of Security so Bryan exchange contact information with the guy.

The following week he showed up at the party and when Bryan seen his work ability he knew that he had another great guy by the name of Eric Tyler, so as the months went by doing security together, the guys connected on a brotherly level, and I mean the bond got so strong that there wasn't anything anyone could say or do to break the relationship these guys formed. These guys loved each other they had and still have the upmost respect for each other they knew without a doubt they had each other’s back through the good times, hard times and criticism they went through as a team, like the boys from University of Michigan men's basketball team but they are interracial and that's how Bryan came up with the companies name FAB 5 SECURITY. These guys are young trained and ready for any obstacle out there and when it's all said and done you’ll be happy you chose Fab 5.