Armed/Unarmed Officers

Armed Security Service

Fab Five is proud to offer extensively trained armed security officers who are selectively chosen to ensure only the most experienced and highly qualified are assigned to our customers requiring armed services. In addition to our standard background and screening requirements, we specifically seek candidates with prior experience preferably in the military or law enforcement. Armed officers must successfully complete Fab Five’s in-house firearms training program which is developed by an in-house certified firearms instructor. All armed officers must qualify once a month to ensure that they meet the standards of Fab Five’s armed services.

*Fab Five security officers are licensed by the State Of Nebraska to carry firearms.

Unarmed Security Service

Our unarmed uniformed security officers provide security patrols, systems monitoring, policy enforcement and incident response in many environments and settings. Our security officer’s training program is designed to develop candidates with strong communication skills so they can be a deterrent against crime with a softer approach.